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Frontal Communication achieved Cisco Gold Certification and announced the partnership with Omnilogic

Dec 9, 2008

Frontal Communication achieved the highest certification granted by Cisco, thus becoming Cisco Gold Partner. Frontal Communication team was congratulated by Bogdan Constantinescu, Country Manager Cisco Romania, who was also attended the event held on December 4th, at Radisson SAS Hotel. Achieving this certification means following strict standards enforced by Cisco regarding the networking, services and support capabilities, needed to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction. This acknowledges the high degree of technological expertise Frontal Communication team has now for successful implementation and development of complex projects, benefiting from the Cisco  credential, trust and support.


During this event, Frontal Communication announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Omnilogic, one of the IT&C leaders in Romania.


"I am impressed by the technical performance achieved by the 30 members of Frontal Communication team, who achieved Cisco Gold Partner Certification so quickly, in less than a year, when typically this certification process lasts 2-3 years. I have my full confidence that Frontal Communication will become in 2009 an undisputed leader of the IT&C system integration market in Romania," said Gabriel Marin, CEO Omnilogic.


Through the partnership with Omnilogic, Frontal Communication offers to the customers an integrated service package, that could include: financing, design, implementation, storage through Omnilogic data center access, proactive monitoring, maintenance. Therefore, based on a monthly flat fee, agreed by a long-term agreement, the customers benefit from equipment and applications, backup, installation and support, thus transforming CAPEX into OPEX.


"Frontal Communication company is active on the Romanian market since 1994. I am the President of this company and I represent its main shareholder, General Communication company from Austria, that owns 90% from Frontal Communication shares. I want to congratulate the team coordinated by Mr. Sebastian Banica - CEO and Sorin Parlog - CTO, who have made efforts and achieved this important certification from Cisco. We have entered a strategic partnership with Omnilogic and now I want to also thank Mr. Gabriel Marin - CEO Omnilogic for the trust he puts in us. In this partnership we have agreed to access the resources of Omnilogic: the customer database and the datacenter built in Otopeni," said Erik Graf, President at Frontal Communication.


"We make the main difference on the Romanian market with managed services," said Sebastian Banica, CEO at Frontal Communication. "Frontal Communication makes a difference on the market by providing more than implementation. We work close to the customers from the design phase to the implementation and the optimization ones. Also, our company provides the customers a help desk 24/7 service, while transforming the products into services. We provide the best solution on the market, being kneadable and flexible. Until the end of the year, the company will also achieve the accreditation of Cisco authorized training center," Mr. Banica added.


Cristian Popescu, Enterprise Regional Sales Manager Cisco, showed to the audience a new collaborative principle, that has to be the fundamentals of business relationships. This involves the people from the organization, the processes within and the technology. Thus, Cisco creates the prerequisites for a collaborative working model within the organizations, so that these to easily identify the opportunities in a continuously changing market. The collaboration allows them to quicker adapt to these market changes and to increase the competitive advantage by reaction speed and innovation. Having the infrastructure and the applications optimized, the organizations can take decisions faster, increase the throughout, improve the relationships with their employees, customers and partners. Thereby, the technology is the one contributing to the overall business development.


During this event, Sorin Parlog, Chief Technology Officer Frontal Communication, showed three case studies that highlight the competitive advantages of Frontal Communication and the benefits for the customers.


The event held at Hotel Radisson was attended by representatives of telecommunication industry, financial-banking and public sector, and also by journalists.

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