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Security Solutions

While having a more efficient workforce is obviously a positive for businesses, the proliferation of not only mobile, wireless devices—but also connected devices— in the enterprise creates security challenges for IT departments.

A comprehensive security strategy supports your business quickly respond to emerging threats and collaborate with confidence. Security solutions protect your network devices, endpoints, and the information traveling across your network.

Best-in-breed security solutions allow for rapid response to emerging threats such as malware spread by E-mail and SPAM, malware propagation and botnets, phishing attacks hosted on Websites and attacks targeting increasing extensible markup language (XML) traffic, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and Web services.

Security solutions from Frontal Communication cover the following technologies areas:

  • Physical Security: End-to-end video surveillance
  • Compliance and Risk Assessment: security audit
  • Network Security: Data Loss Prevention, Threat Control, Secure Remote Access and VPN, Cisco Network Identity and Access Policy, Protect Credit Card Data, Network Admission Control, Secure Infrastructure
  • IT Security: E-Mail Security Boundaries, Security Information and Event, Web Security, Data Loss Prevention, Penetration Test
  • Managed Security Services: Managed Firewall, Managed VPN, Managed IPS, Managed Security Desktop

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