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Solutions for Public Sector - automate, consolidate and even eliminate

Governments can dramatically improve existing employee and citizen services by providing online access, allowing agencies to automate, consolidate, and even eliminate resource-consuming processes while offering innovative new services. Governments can foster a thriving community by providing equal access to important community and business resources, partnerships, information, and opportunities.

Enterprise Content Management

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution assists organisations in their goal to provide clients with services in a more direct and accessible manner and improve operational efficiency. Our solutions include consulting services, design, development, maintenance, update, integration, training for Intelligent Forms, Business Process Optimization, Workflow, Content management. Based on its experience, Frontal Communication offers a range of solutions based on worldwide leader platforms like FileNet, IBM CM, Oracle UCM or SDC proprietary solution.


  • Registration of all documents enter/exiting the organization • Eliminate data redundancy and unnecessary replication, situations which require considerable expenditure by companies with a large number of employees
  • Business Process Optimization helps organization to improve its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results
  • Time and costs associated with publication of documents in various media, including print
  • Diminishing the time employees spent searching various information within the organization (10 - 6 hours per week)
  • Time spent for accessing documents
  • Time spent for collective development and distribution of documents (editing, approval)
  • Time spent to re-create certain documents (instead of re- editing)
  • Time and costs associated with storing and managing document’s versioning and history
  • Workflow and tracking of internal documents (contracts, requests, memo, decisions, tasks etc.)

Electronic criminal records systems

The main objectives for creating an electronic criminal record system are:

  • To set up the IT criminal records system with all data from the manual evidence
  • To reduce the time for issuing criminal records for all EU citizens and authorities
  • To interconnect the national IT criminal records system with those from the EU countries.

With this in mind, Frontal Communication will support you to design and implement the electronic criminal records systems that will best suite your needs.

Integration Platform for E-Government Services

Aimed to implement a one-stop electronic shop at the national level, to which economic operators (business) as well as citizens or other public authorities can connect. The content and structure of the services provided by this concept can be extended to be counter as the various central and local authorities will provide public services on-line more and more diverse.

The purpose of an Integration Platform for e-Government Services is represented by the implementation and integration of:

  • all administrative procedures of the competent authorities to issue permits, approvals, notices or register for services trade in your country, which can be translated into electronic form
  • all procedures for central administration, for natural and legal persons, the release of documents, certificates, etc., or receipt of fees, taxes, etc., which can be translated into electronic format.

The principle of “one-stop-shop” in electronic government allows optimization of administrative procedures, reduces administrative delays caused by these processes ensures improved domestic business environment in accordance with the Lisbon Strategy, 2005.

Facial Recognition

Frontal Communication has competences to integrate - hardware equipment (high resolution video-cams) placed at ATMs, stadiums, gas stations, airports, train stations, bus stations - specialized software for face recognition - centralized databases in order to build a system capable to transmit alerts to the dispatchers from police/gendarmerie/border police when an incident occurs or a person is recognized.


Frontal Communication has the necessary competences to implement a monitoring naval system for maritime and river trade vessels. This system can help the border police to track ships suspected of involvement in smuggling goods, fuel and transportation of drugs.


Another type of monitoring system that we have implementation competences for is the mobile environment pollution monitoring system. This system is equipped with communication and display system in a centralized monitoring station and can help the municipal authorities in tracking and controling the environmental changes, events, etc.

CRM (SaaS Ready) - Siebel Solution Sets for the Public Sector

Performance-driven government represents a shift toward processes that address citizen needs efficiently and effectively, delivering the highest return on government and taxpayer investments.

Citizen Response

  • Provides a single point of access to all non-emergency government services
  • Improves the efficiency and quality of service delivery

Benefits Case Management for Human Services

  • Enables single application filing, assessment, and determination
  • Increases efficiency in managing claims, payments, and appeals electronically

Single View of the Taxpayer

  • Consolidates the view of taxpayers, cases, and account balances across tax types through seamless, back-office integration
  • Improves the timeliness and accuracy of collections and reduces erroneous refunds

Better Manage Revenues

  • Increases efficiency through integrated best practices and real- time business intelligence
  • Lowers costs by streamlining service processes

Immigration Services

  • Streamlines processing,scheduling, and management of citizenship processes
  • Allows effective collaboration across multiple agencies to resolve complex entry/exit and investigative cases

Defense Personnel and Logistics Management

  • Enables defense organizations to improve operational execution and asset management
  • Provides better services and support to military personnel

Electronic Archiving

Frontal Communication provides electronic archiving solutions that address customer needs to have high performance/low cost/law compliant data retention and helps to extract value-added information from the volume of data generated by institutional growth. The key to this approach consists of an algorithm combining intelligent data archiving with a flexible and secure infrastructure, optimized for retention capabilities.


  • Reduction of IT and operating costs - simplifying infrastructure and reducing overall energy needs and storage space
  • Performance and productivity improvement - eliminating unnecessary content and improving process efficiency
  • Supports compliance requirements and corporate governance consistency
  • Setting a complete lifecycle for every type of document within the organization
  • The possibility of annotation or new versions of documents, without modifying the original
  • Security access to archived documents (encryption option)
  • Facilitate decision making by providing relevant information to users based on access rights, in real time
  • Archiving & scanning of documents
  • Data Center Certified archiving services

Police Cars – information in the street in real-time

Considering the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement, an objective to be achieved by the Police in the European Space is to achieve a secure transmission of data allowing mobile crews to query the databases belonging to the National Police Bureaus in real time in order to obtain fast information to support real time decisions.

The solution proposes a computerization of police activities mainly through digital search methods using information from mobile terminals connecting to a central database. The solution will allow management by automating activities such as: the search for information in central database, networking with other international databases, data entry field in the central, automatic filling of forms, etc.

Data Loss Prevention Suite

Data Loss Prevention Suite offers solutions to help organizations solve the complex business problems they face everyday including the need to:

  • Simplify compliance
  • Streamline business processes
  • Protect intellectual property and brand value

Key Benefits:

  • Strong policy management and classification
  • Identity-aware policy and response
  • Flexible incident workflow
  • Scalability
  • Single policy framework