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Financing Solutions

As liquidity is still tight, alternative access to capital is in demand. Cisco Capital enables you to reap the full benefit of your Cisco Architecture faster, de-risking and improving lifecycle management, and in a way that makes complete financial sense.

Cisco Capital Advantages:

Alternative source of funds – you can obtain convenient and affordable funding for Cisco solutions.

Preserve cash – you can spread costs over time, preserve credit and avoid a large cash investment.

One solution, predictable payments - combine Cisco hardware, software, services and complementary third party equipment into one strategic acquisition.

Lower costs – you can benefit from competitive rates and residual values that could help reduce your total cost of ownership and accelerate your return on investment.

Equipment lifecycle management – you can manage costs, meet business demands, avoid obsolescence with flexible upgrade and migration options, and easy equipment disposal.

Maximum flexibility – you can further protect your investment with the right payment schedule, term duration and end of lease options for your business including an outright purchase, capped and market-value residuals, and like-for-like equipment returns.

For more information about Cisco Capital in Romania, as well as terms and financing conditions, please access this link.