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Solutions for Enterprise - Serving the best with the best

Every big company is focusing on the big clients; enterprise accounts ring a bell to any sale employee. Why should Frontal Communication be different? In fact, it is, but just when it comes for the solutions offered. A big business need big bucks to improve, and even keep it. In a strange way, the higher you climb, crowder the place can be. Frontal Communication helps big businesses to keep their rand where it should be: on the top. Having the biggest telecom companies in our portfolio, we prove that serving the best with the best, we respect a rule in business. Moreover, our solutions can be provided either as managed services or as a service.

Internet Banking - eBank Application

eBank is a multi-channel application allowing the bank’s clients to access their personal banking information and to perform operations through various secured channels. eBank application allows processes improvement, reduction of the costs related to transactions processing and increase the added value offered to clients by interfacing with the specific systems deployed within the bank.


  • Payment order in RON and foreign currency (towards the business partners and towards the state)
  • Management of client database
  • Statement of accounts
  • Foreign exchange-related information
  • Current payments, utility payments for resident and non-resident clients
  • Generating the global payment orders (salaries or other agreements concluded with the bank)
  • Management of security using three mechanisms: name/password, token, digital certificate
  • Complex and detailed interface for user, account, administration rights
  • Term deposits

CRM (SaaS Ready)

CRM solution assists banks in handling client interactions across multiple channels, providing 360° customer view and all the productivity tools for the HQ, Branch and RM’s customer related day-to-day tasks.


  • Risk free implementation enabling quick ROI
  • Top world CRM solution dedicated to banking industry, including models and specific banking knowledge. It enables customer to capture and share information and collaborate internally based on defined business flows. CRM Solutions provides Focus on High Value Customers, Increased Share of Wallet for Targeted Customers, Consistent Use of Best Practices, More Effective Marketing Programs,·Increased Efficiency, Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, Increased Sales Effectiveness, Enhanced Cross-Sell/Up-sell Effectiveness, Faster time to market for Product Bundles, Improved Participant Satisfaction, Increased Campaign Effectiveness.
  • By combining sales, marketing, and service capabilities, financial services institutions can maximize the value of each and every customer interaction. Additionally, CRM Solutions allow organization to understand the full relationship each customer has with the organization—across all product lines and channels - resulting in an improved ability to identify appropriate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

WEB Portal and Hosting (SaaS Ready)

WEB Portal and Hosting solution assists banks in their goal to provide clients with services in a more direct and accessible manner. Our solution includes development, maintenance, update, integration with other internal systems, multi-channel support for mobile phones, smart phones, Internet browser and connection with social networks like Facebook. Represents a complete solution, capable of producing the services in accordance with bank internal standards & best practice for security and privacy.


  • Cost-effectiveness and security in the provision of bank’s services
  • Greater& faster support responsiveness to customer needs
  • Ability to securely access shared central applications and information sources on portable devices
  • Rapid access to information creating a competitive advantage
  • Lower cost for maintenance & faster incident management Easy-to-apply online campaigns and online marketing integration
  • Fast to work with, faster to publish, fastest to integrate – when it comes to online marketing, a powerful CMS is required to seamlessly integrate all the efforts and tools having backed up all the needs for reaching targets (eg. newsletters, applications, forms etc)
  • Workflow/ campaign flow ready & adapted. Publishing, system validation / moderation, user management in minutes Up to several days for an entire section in the website including complete redesign, html markup and implementation, on-page SEO
  • Newsletter & throttled mails and messages: range may vary with minutes and hours depending on campaign requirements
  • Analytics provided upon agreed completion time as campaign concludes
  • Networked blogging and communication included through contract period

Data Loss Prevention Suite

Data Loss Prevention Suite offers solutions to help organizations solve the complex business problems they face everyday including the need to:

  • Simplify compliance
  • Streamline business processes
  • Protect intellectual property and brand value

Key benefits:

  • Strong policy management and classification
  • Dentity-aware policy and response • Flexible incident workflow
  • Scalability
  • Single policy framework

Electronic Archiving (SaaS Ready) - eArchive

eArchive addresses customer needs to have high performance/low cost/law compliant data retention and helps to extract value-added information from the volume of data generated by business growth. The key to this approach consists of an algorithm combining intelligent data archiving with a flexible and secure infrastructure, optimized for retention capabilities.


  • Reduction of IT and operating costs - simplifying infrastructure and reducing overall energy needs and storage space
  • Performance and productivity improvement - eliminating unnecessary content and improving process efficiency
  • Supports compliance requirements and corporate governance consistency
  • Setting a complete lifecycle for every type of document within the company
  • The possibility of annotation or new versions of documents, without modifying the original Security access to archived documents (encryption option)
  • Facilitate decision making by providing relevant information to users based on access rights, in real time
  • Archiving & scanning of documents (General Systems Imaging Center)
  • Data Center Certified archiving services

Enterprise Content Management (SaaS Ready)

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution assists banks in their goal to provide clients with services in a more direct and accessible manner and improve operational efficiency. Our solutions include consulting services, design, development, maintenance, update, integration, training for Intelligent Forms, Business Process Optimization, Workflow, Content management. Frontal Communication together with its partners offer a range of solutions based on worldwide leader platforms like FileNet, IBM CM, Oracle UCM or our own solution.


  • Registration of all documents enter/exiting the bank
  • Eliminate data redundancy and unnecessary replication, situations which require considerable expenditure by companies with a large number of employees
  • Business Process Optimization helps organization to improve its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results
  • Time and costs associated with publication of documents in Time and costs associated with publication of documents in various media, including print;
  • Diminishing the time employees spent searching various information within the bank (10 - 6 hours per week)
  • Time spent for accessing documents
  • Time spent for collective development and distribution of documents (editing, approval)
  • Time spent to re-create certain documents (instead of re-editing)
  • Time and costs associated with storing and managing document’s versioning and history
  • Workflow and tracking of internal documents (contracts, requests, memo, decisions, tasks etc.)
  • Forms and flow for credit approval

Custom solutions - Cost cutting using open-source

We offer consulting, design, development and implementation for custom banking solutions using a large array of technologies. Outsourcing represents one of the best solutions for cutting costs. Frontal Communication offers its clients not only ECM, Internet Banking and CRM applications but also other outsourced solutions such as ERP solutions, messaging systems, portals, targeting every functionality a bank does not want to develop or manage by itself. Our development teams provide custom solutions dedicated to banking customers using J2EE frames and tools, SOA architectures or any development environment and standards a customer may require.

In addition, we offer our clients open source cost cutting solutions. We focus mainly on providing consultancy for Open Office implementation. Our company has partnership with major open source supporters like Linux, RedHat, Novell, IBM, Oracle and VMware.

AML Technology

Regulatory and governmental authorities quote estimates each year for the amount of money laundered, either worldwide or within their national economy. The first defense against money laundering is the requirement on financial intermediaries to know their customers. For Banks with millions of customers and hundreds or thousands of customer-contact employees, traditional ways of knowing their clients must be supplemented by AML technology.

Main functionalities:

  • Reporting suspicious behavior and activity Verifying the Identity of Customers
  • Verifying transactions in excess of 10,000 USD in currency
  • Verifying changing behavior or other indicators of laundering
  • Information Sharing among Financial Institutions & Law Enforcement


  • Consulting activities for deployment
  • Implementation and configuration
  • Integration with Bank’s systems
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Training
  • Establishing AML Programs together with the client

DMS Solution

Tailored to customer needs, the system can be a CAPEX acquisition or can be accessed as managed service, Frontal Communication being able to offer, on-demand, other services such as: maintenance, update, customization and hosting. For more information access you may access this link.