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DMS Solutions

DMS - Digital Media Signage solutions offered meets the requirements of order no. 164 issued by ANPC on 30th August 2011 and is based on a flexible and interactive communication platform having the role to promote, inform, training and tune in specific audience in specific moments.

Tailored to customer needs, the system can be a CAPEX acquisition or can be accessed as managed service, Frontal Communication being able to offer, on-demand, other services such as: maintenance, update, customization and hosting.

The DMS solution offered by Frontal Communication is scalable and can be integrated with any system (intelligent queuing, control access, training etc.) and interfaced with a centralized database to extract specific information. Moreover, our DMS solution can be immediate deployed in the banking environment.

DMS - Digital Media Signage is an effective way of displaying real-time price information on financial products offered to customers: the exchange rate, fees charged, interest rates on saving instruments granted, those charged on loans and various messages on the LCD / Plasma, the content being transmitted via existing network infrastructure.

In addition can be also displayed information related to Exchange, Reuters, news, advertising, weather, etc., the content being customized according to customer portfolio, geographic area and area of interest.

The DMS solution target the following area of interest:

  • Dynamic Content Distribution - Meeting rooms - Marketing - Contact Center
  • Emergency Signs - Visual Impact - Content Management - Touch screens - Interactive Retail - Smart Signage

Moreover, Frontal Communication DMS solution offer new opportunities for: - Corporate communications – Live events (streaming), Video messaging (VoD), Information screens (Signage), Meeting room displays, HR information, e-learning, Contact Center information, IPTV streaming; - External communications – Information screens (Digital Signage), Way-finding, Product marketing, Customer entertainment, IPTV streaming, Touch screen applications; Integration into TelePresence Recording, Unified Communications, Flip video cameras.