IT&C Services You Can Rely on

Advanced Services

Consulting Services

In today's rapidly changing IT environment, the appropriate use of technology and strategic business planning solutions tailored to your business needs and requirements is the key to your success. Omnilogic IT consultants focus on advising customers on how best to use information technology to meet their unique business challenges.

Leveraging our expertise and past experiences, we offer a customized approach to designing, developing, and implementing end-to-end solutions to meet your needs.

With an in-depth understanding of business processes and technology, together with hands-on experience in designing IT solutions for companies in various fields, Frontal Communication team of IT experts can provide the following services for your company:

  • Technical assessment of existing applications and infrastructure (determining the existing situation);
  • Identifying the customer's needs and requirements, using the experience that our business consultants have accumulated, as well as the best practices;
  • Designing the high level architecture of the solution, including the services that need to be provided. When choosing the solution's components, we will take into account the customer's requirements, after identifying the services that best match the customer's needs;
  • Defining the development and integration environment;
  • Identifying the risks and opportunities of the solution, as well as the interdependency relations;
  • Designing and documenting the solution.

Optimization Services

Frontal Communication services in this category use best practices and tools to deliver proactive services that maximize system performance and availability for a quickly ROI and implicitly a competitive advantage. Operational assessments, system change support, periodic visits on site and knowledge transfer are only few operations that are performed. We collect and analyze data from customer system, create performance reports, and based on this we provide proposal for system optimizing.


  • audit for assessing technology and the system followed by proposals for optimizations and security increasing;
  • improve operations.