IT&C Services You Can Rely on

Managed Security Services

No matter what size your business is, Frontal Communication can create a comprehensive security offering that meets your needs and enables you to maintain the level of control you want. Frontal Communication can manage some or all of your network security functions, giving you access to their sophisticated technologies, dedicated manpower, as well as routine maintenance and management of disaster operations.

Frontal Communication Managed Security Services offer:

Managed Firewall

This option protects internal and external networks by restricting the types of network protocols and traffic allowed on the network.

Managed Intrusion Prevention System

This option detects and prevents inappropriate attempts to access the network, systems, services, applications, or data when used in conjunction with firewalls.

Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed endpoint protection service detects and stops anomalous behavior on endpoint devices, such as desktops and servers. In this way, companies can prevent damage from “Day-Zero” security threats whose signature has not yet been identified.

Managed Content Filtering

This services helps you to create a safe working environment, preventing pornographic, offensive, hostile materials from being inadvertently distributed through your network.

Managed Antivirus Protection

We can provide you network-wide antivirus protection, eliminating the need for your company to install, manage, continually monitor, and update rapidly changing network security software.

Managed Distributed DoS Protection

This service involves protecting the network infrastructure and network-based resources from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks so that the business can operate without interruption. It also helps prevent worm propagation that can cause DDoS attacks. DDoS mitigation provides protection against emerging threats in public networks such as the Internet or extranets.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment includes security risk assessments, network scanning, and probing to reveal vulnerabilities in the network, operating system, or applications that can be accessed from the Internet.