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Cisco WebEx Telepresence

When people meet in person,  a relationship begins. But in our  distributed globalized marketplace, colleagues, partners, and customers may be separated by long distances or busy schedules. Telepresence, the next
generation of videoconferencing, solves this problem by creating immediate  “in-person” experiences so you canaccomplish what you need to without delay.

Telepresence is now available and delivered by Cisco WebEx through  the cloud. Cisco WebEx Telepresence
presents an easy-to-use, highly secure, and reliable communications  experience that is scalable and  affordable. It delivers a rich set of  features specifically designed to help growing businesses make the most out of their business relationships.
Large Return on Investment
Customers from every industry  are using telepresence to reduce  travel costs, boost productivity, and  accelerate decision making. But that  is just the beginning. Imagine starting a new line of business from your  desk, letting your employees scale  their expertise so they can grow their  careers without having to move, or  showcasing your product line to a national audience from your existing  demo environment. With Cisco  WebEx Telepresence you can start to fundamentally change the way you  do business and create new revenue  opportunities.
Offer Details
WebEx Telepresence supports a selection of our best-in-class  telepresence endpoints and the Cisco  Jabber Video application that works  on a webcam-enabled computer. This creates an “in-person” experience for  any business scenario – in the office  or while mobile. After purchasing the  endpoints and WebEx Telepresence  subscriptions that are best for your  business you can activate your devices  and use them on the Cisco WebEx  Telepresence network through your Internet connection. No additional  equipment is required.
  • User friendly: Cisco has designed telepresence to be “push-button”  simple so that when you are ready  to start a meeting, the user interface  makes it quick and easy. And your  video address looks like an email  address, so you don’t have to  remember a complicated number  when you want to share it with others.
  • Automated directory: The directory on your device auto-populates  the video addresses of the other  users connected to Cisco WebEx  Telepresence at your company. And the new customer portal lets  company-designated administrators  manage the directory and even add  external business contacts.
  • Support when you need it: Cisco offers live and online customer  support options so that you have a  full range of resources when you  need them most.
  • Pay monthly — for everything:  You can make your hardware  purchases payable monthly by using  Cisco Capital® financing services  (limits may apply). Cisco WebEx Telepresence subscriptions are also  billed monthly to make it easy and  affordable for you to get started.  (Discounted annual prepay options  are also available.)
  • Client services that help measure  return: Cisco WebEx Telepresence  has a client services team that helps  you accelerate usage and adoption  — and as a result, greater return on  investment.
  • Protect your investments: Cisco  TelePresence endpoints are  designed to work on other Cisco  collaboration platforms so your  endpoint investments are protected if  you make a change.
Differentiated, Feature-Rich Experience
•  Video with superior quality you can trust: With up to 1080p high- definition (HD) unparalleled video and
audio quality and the ability to share documents from your desktop in video  calls, you collaborate the way you
would in-person. You can accelerate decision-making, improve partner and  customer relations, and stay highly
secure with our encryption standards.
•  Wide-reaching calling options: Your customers and business partners are  likely using video communications
today and you want to take advantage of this opportunity. The C isco WebEx Telepresence network  is flexible so that you can talk to  users on it, as well as outside of it.
•  Flexible for multiple participants to join: Your subscription lets you connect with any Cisco WebEx
Telepresence user. You can dial other users directly or include  up to nine participants on the  WebEx Telepresence network in  your meetings. A separate bridge  subscription can connect to multiple  users from other networks.
•  Extended reach: Participants with a webcam-enabled computer can  join your meetings using the Cisco
Jabber Video application.
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